Sake selection 2

Sake selection 2
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Price: 180.00 EUR


 Three different types of sake with different flavors.
A range of glasses that bring out the personality of each individual.

Phoenix 720ml: alcoholic strength14%.
In 2017, Kuroda Tashiro died, who had worked in Paris, where he had worked to promote Japanese food and sake. Christian Mazzalai, a member of the French rock band PHOENIX, created a project called PHOENIX SAKE COLLECTION in gratitude and recognition of Kuroda's services to Japanese sake, and also to make the benefits of sake known worldwide. This phoenix is part of this project. It is produced by TATENOKAWA. It is a sake that is very digestible. It has a light melon aroma and the typical sweetness of "Dewa Sansanmai" sake rice.

So-homare Kimoto Junmai-daiginjo 720ml: Alcohol content16%.
Rice variety: Yamadanishiki polishing rate: 45% Contemporary interpretation of the traditional Kimoto brewing style. Smooth and yet secure at first, on the palate it demonstrates body and depth of taste - unobtrusively surrounded by elegant aromas.

Dassai 23 720ml: Alcohol content 16
Controversial sake in fashion. The number "23" is unprecedented except Dassai. "One polishes rice to 23%" means only constant effort. Innovative is contemporary. High regard from the star chef, Joel Robuchon. Smells like white flowers.


⚫︎HANAYAKA<Gorgeous>: Its tulip-shaped shape like that of a small wine glass keeps the aroma of sake well within the glass and emphasizes the attractive fragrance. It is best suited to the splendidly fragrant sake. (For example: Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjoden Ginjo Shoe, Daiginjo etc.)

⚫︎SAWAYAKA<Refreshing>: The longer shape with wide glass opening makes a gliding flow and gives the sake lover a refreshing pleasure to enjoy. Suitable for refreshing and light sake or for stronger sake. (Such as Junmai- Shu, Junmai -Ginjo, Honjunzo, and Ginjo-Shu etc.)

⚫︎MAROYAKA:<Pleasantly mild>: The slightly narrowed wide glass opening brings the sake from the middle of the tongue further into the mouth, so that the full taste can develop. Suitable for the brands of more umami and strong sweets or for a soft sake. (Like Junmai Shoe, Junmai Ginjo, Kimoto Zukuri, Yamahai Zukuri etc.)


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